Gemma & The Deep Blue Sea

I've known Gemma all my life, she's a special person. I grew up with Gemma and her brother, watching Pinky & Perky and pretending to be radio DJs. She used to call me Calamity Kate (I think, after Calamity Jane), and its been a pleasure to watch her grow, she's fought a few very hard battles, and to photograph her as she is now, happy and healthy.

These were taken on a quiet, perfect summer's evening on Bexhill beach last year. The colours of the beach and the water changing with the light and clouds. 

I rediscovered them recently and can't believe I haven't blogged them already! I love the light and the colours. Her eyes are some of the truest, brightest blue I've ever seen (lots of blue eyed lovelies on my blog, definitely something in the water in East Sussex!). But what I really love, is how serene Gemma looks. 

A moment of quiet in the storm we call life.