Hayley & Christian: Engagement

At the end of August, my very dear friends Hayley and Christian get married!

In celebration, we headed out to Beauport Park for their engagement shoot, a special place for the couple, and my beautiful God-son, Henry-James. This location is perfect for quiet walks, with a gorgeous backdrop overlooking the golf course towards Battle.

Hayley is a photographer's dream (sorry, Christian!), very relaxed and a real English rose. As for Henry-James, he is my little 'scene stealer' with those big true blue eyes.

I love capturing special details on engagement and wedding shoots, so decided to take some pictures of the gorgeous wedding invitation Hayley designed and painted herself, and her heir-loom diamond engagement ring, and the emerald engagement ring Christian found for her, in her dad Roy's stunning rose garden. 

Can't wait for their wedding in two weeks time!

"Grow old with me"... xx