Portraits: Amber ii

During busy wedding season, I like to have a couple of personal projects in the pipeline.
This shoot was simple and not strictly planned ahead of time.

We agreed a time for the shoot the day before in a flurry of excited messages; Amber would wear whatever she fancied that day, and we decided to find the sunflower field at the edge of the woods I had heard about…

We found it, thanks to a man and his dog. It was worth the hot and sweaty trek up hill! When we emerged out of the woods, an open quiet field of sunflowers did indeed greet us; the last few of the season still in bloom.

Amber is a free spirit, so open to creative ideas and generous with her willingness to be part of something a bit different; and she kicks absolute ass.

PS: Amber wears no makeup, except her lash extensions.
No blemishes etc have been removed, this is a woman in all her natural glory, as all women should feel they can be on camera.