Portraits: Amber


I sometimes feel that colour is a bad word in photography; trends are much more swayed to moody vibes, brown and orange tones, dark muted greys and desaturated greens...but all I see is light and colour, and Amber embodies both of those things perfectly.

I first spotted Amber on Instagram a year or so ago, and was immediately taken with her honesty and ambition. Amber is a single mumma who runs Madre Padre and has modelled in her spare time too.

I love her sense of personal style, it's so fresh and bold, not to mention her incredible HAIR, all mixed together demonstrates what a cool, fun girl she is to hang around with. 


So one evening, we stumbled off into a field just seeing what happened, and she was gracious enough to practically bury herself in a blossom tree just off the main road for me to get some shots...and she rocked it!

You might even recognise Amber from our styled shoot earlier this year, with dark crimson lips, gorgeous lashes and regal beauty...

You go girl xx