Walk at Birling Gap, East Sussex

After a very hot summer's day a few weeks ago for the wedding of Nikki and Paul at East Dean and Friston Village Hall, I decided to take the scenic route home.
As I wound my through Birling Gap, the most beautiful sunset was happening in my rear view mirror.
Naturally, I decided to jump out of the car and take a few photos as the sun burnt bright red and orange over the cliffs.
It was so incredibly peaceful, the sea was calm, and a very welcome breeze was whipping over the cliff edge. My dad used to take my sister & I here for walks when we were younger, looking up towards the lighthouse on the cliffs brought back many memories. I was really pleased to capture it's silhouette against the sky, as a few walkers were coming over the hill.
Well worth a visit whether you're local or not, The Seven Sisters and Birling Gap is one of the most scenic walks in East Sussex.