I am absolutely flipping over the moon to be giving a Masterclass talk at Farmers Market in Brighton, October this year!
Farmers Marker is hosted by Photography Farm - a collective of awesome photographers who want to share grow and share knowledge.
It’s 2 days of talks, workshops and shoots you can take part in, plus a free trade show featuring key suppliers in the industry like Sony, StudioNinja, Wacom. Folio Albums and more.
My talk is called Connect The Dots and is aimed at newbies to the wedding photography industry.
This will be a really honest and constructive talk, based on everything I have learned in my career so far.
More details on that below, but first., WHY am I doing it?
This is something I wholeheartedly believe in and is a massive part of the ethos for Photography Farm.
Photography Farm was started by the amazing Lisa Devlin and has grown from a residential workshop to so much more.
Their shoot days and workshops have featured some of the most awesome photographers and suppliers in the industry!
Martin Parr, Gabe McClinttock, Sam Hurd, Sony, Rock and Roll Bride!! Need I say more?!
Wedding photography is a job unlike any other, we do it for the absolute passion and excitement and beauty we can create.
It can also be quite an isolating job, we often do shoots alone, and go back to our desks to work alone some more; not only that, but it’s a role we throw ourselves into so much we need to lean on friends in the industry at times, to celebrate with and learn from too.
I’ve not always come across such friendly people in the industry which left me feeling really downhearted - but TRUST ME when I say these people are very few and far between; so a part of me doing this talk is because I do not want to contribute to that, it’s just not me!
Connect The Dots - what’s it all about?
Let me take you back a year or so in my career.
I was SO passionate, yet SO frustrated I didn’t feel things were going the way I wanted them to.
In hindsight, I had no direction, I felt lost and in a real negative spiral, trying to do EVERYTHING by myself at once while working a full time job.
Sound familiar??
I invested my time, money and effort whenever I could (and still do!) in mentoring, working with other suppliers in the industry, doing workshops, online training etc, anything I could to understand the industry and actually to better understand what I wanted to do in it!
My talk combines my top tips - the things that have worked for me and other friends in the industry.
We will talk about money mindset, ideal client, being successful and what that means to you, networking and more, because these are the things I have found to make a positive difference.
If you love wedding photography, or have an inkling it’s the career for you, my talk is the one for you!
It will be an honest talk, showing you everything I have learned over the years and will give you some great tips and actions you can get working on asap.