What to ask your Wedding Photographer


Hi everyone! I recently did a live question and answer session on my Facebook page on what to ask your wedding photographer.

I had some fantastic questions that everyone should ask their wedding photographer; I also had a couple of great family photography questions too.

You can read some of the key points from the session below, or watch the video in full here. 
Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, watched on replay so far, and was live with me! 

1 - My approach & style
I started the session with an overview of my approach to photographing your wedding day or family session, every photographer is different so it's important to find the right style and approach for you.

My approach when working with you, and my photography style, is very 'natural'. It's an overused word in the industry but I use it to describe that I'm really good at making people feel comfortable when working with me, my 'poses' are more about gentle prompts that ease you into the session and bring out your natural personalities and intimacy, rather than doing anything cheesy or forced.

My editing style also reflects your day in its best light, it's your day as it looked and happened, with a little added polish! 

2 - Do you create a shot list for the day?
Yes! The shot list I create is aimed at your group shots, it helps ensure that you get shots of certain family or friend groups on the day. It also helps me run things smoothly with organising your group shots too. On that note, I will also confirm your timeline for the day, not just the time you want me to arrive; this assists me in making sure I know where you need to be and when I can slot the group shots and couple portraits into your day too.

3 - Do you look at our venue before our wedding day?
Yes, I like to be as prepared as possible. It's not only useful for me to find key spots for your confetti shots or portraits, but particularly with churches, it's good for me to understand where I can/can't stand and whether I can use flash photography, as not all churches allow that.

Sometimes in the busy summer season, it's not possible to check out your venue before your day, however, I will always make sure I have time on the day itself before your prep or ceremony that I am able to check those key important things.

4 - What happens if you're ill?
This is a really important point to check with your photographer before you book, and should be in your contract. I, as well as most photographers, will have great connections with other photographers that I can call upon if the worst should happen. That means, we will either have worked with, or know other photographers personally, that have similar styles/packages to us that we can contact if we need a replacement quickly. Check with your photographer they have a system in place should it be needed.

5 - What are your favourite local venues that you've photographed?
Firstly, I love getting to shoot at so many different venues!

In Hastings, I am biased as I got married there, but I love The Old Rectory in the Old Town. It's not just a beautiful intimate venue, but the team are fantastic, helpful and flexible.

Wherever you get married, make sure your wedding co-coordinator is on hand to answer any questions and help ensure things run smoothly on the day too. 

I also love The George in Rye, again, it's a very pretty and intimate venue. If village halls are your calling, the village hall at Udimore is stunning. It's really well looked-after and the views are gorgeous!

6 - Do the colours I wear to my photoshoot make a difference?
I get asked a lot about what to wear for engagement or family shoots!

Colours aren't so much of an issue, but what you wear absolutely can make a difference.


  • Ask your photographer for a Pinterest board to get some inspiration.

  • Wear something a little smart, like you would for a special family function or a first date. It will change your mindset and make you feel more confident!

  • Shop vintage/high street - you don't have to wear your Sunday best or spend a lot of money if you want a new outfit.

  • If in doubt, go neutral. Think pastels, white/cream, light tan, light blue etc.


  • Wear a tshirt with graphics/logos. These rarely look good on camera and can be very distracting.

  • Shirts/dresses with large or cluttered prints.

  • Wear battered old shoes. They might be comfortable but they sure don't look it.

  • Avoid clashing colours - consult a colour wheel!

Ultimately, wear something that doesn't just make you feel comfortable, but makes you feel GREAT. 

I hope the above and my video here have been useful. Get in touch on my Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

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